TECHNICAL SUPPORT SERVICES AYC Danışmanlık / Yatırım Destek Danışmanlık Hizmetleri, Ar-Ge ve İnovasyon Hizmetleri, Teknik Destek Hizmetleri, Yaıtırım, Hibe, Teşvik, Destekleme, Danışmanlık, Devlet Destekleri, AB Destekleri, TÜBİTAK Destekleri, IPARD Destekleri, KOSGEB Destekleri, KOBİGEL, Kalkınma Ajansı Destekleri, Ankara, Konya


AYC provides technical support services for Public Institutions, Local Government Bodies, Non-Governmental Organizations and Private Sectors to outsourcing services such as reporting, capacity improvement, training etc.

The technical consultancy services, related to UNDP (United Nations Development Program), World Bank, European Union, Development Agency etc. organizations and programs, which are project development, project implementation etc., are given under this heading.

In addition to these services, AYC is also following legislation, legislation information, “E-reporting” and “Analysis Reporting” services are also given in this section.